Our commitment

Pets are both our business and our passion and ‘Pets before Profit’ has always been our number one core value. Advocating the ethical and responsible treatment of pets is incredibly important to us and we believe the best way to do this is to lead by example, so we keep every aspect of our pet operations under regular scrutiny.

2016 Achievements
2017 Targets
Driving the standards in the pet industryDelivered as planned. Audits extended to all suppliers of PAH branded/private branded products.Deliver all planned re-audits and corrective action plans, ensuring all own brand and private branded suppliers comply with our audit requirements.
Agreement reached with major US retailer on shared protocols across a number of product categories to enable suppliers to reduce costs and deliver better value.Rollout new and updated testing protocols across our global vendor base, in line with required legislation as a minimum.
Promoting the highest possible animal welfare standards

All primary pet suppliers receive four independent audits in addition to four audits from our pet supply.

Develop Gold Standard pet supplier audit with enhanced welfare stand.
Incorporated a gold standard into the quarterly store per audit.Ongoing.
Implemented new aquatics water test.Formalise overseas and UK audits.
Code of practice for pet suppliers reviewed and updated.Completed.