Our commitment

At Pets at Home, the role that highly trained and engaged colleagues play is fundamental to becoming ‘the best pet shop in the world’.

 2016 Achievements2017 Targets
Exceptional colleague engagementColleague engagement maintained at 94%. 'Strongly agree' measure maintained at 77%.Maintain Colleague Engagement at 94% and increase “strongly agree” measure to 80%.
Improved to 7th place overall, the highest ranked retailer.Maintain top 10 Great Place to Work survey.
World class trainingSteps 1 and 2 training programme endorsed by City & Guilds.

Re-launch and re-brand Steps 1 to 3.

Make Steps 1 and 2 available online. Develop integrated approach for Step 3.

44 completed; 128 studying this year-long programme.

Every Groom Room to have a Level 3 City and Guilds Certified Colleague.

Recruit and train 100 Grooming apprentices.

Keeping our pets people healthy and safeAchieved 7% reduction in colleague accident rates - now 7.48 per 1,000 colleagues.Achieve 1 5% reduction in colleague accident rates per 1,000 colleagues and a reduction in RIDDOR reportable accidents.
Both Distribution Centres awarded merit for second successive year.Re-apply for the Safety awards and aim to achieve a distinction for both centres.