Our commitment

To deliver on our aim to minimise the environment impact of our operations we have plans in place to minimise our consumption of core resources and maximise efficiency.

2016 Achievements
2017 Targets
Eliminating waste sent to landfillRetendered waste contract and diverted 98% of waste from landfill.Send zero waste direct to landfill.
Using less electricityAchieved a 5.66% reduction despite expansion of in-store grooming and veterinary practices which are more energy intensive than retail.Reduce electricity consumption per sq ft by 7% compared to 2012 baseline.
Becoming more fuel efficientkm per litre remained broadly level at 2.85Kpl. Driver training continues.Increase km travelled per litre of diesel to 2.91kpl, a 2% improvement.
Achieved 127.8 km run per 1,000 cases, a reduction of 1% year-on-yearReduce to 126.5 km/1,000 cases shipped.
Rethinking our packaging

Developed and published Sustainable Packaging Strategy.

Added WRAP logos to a further 100 lines.

Continue working positively with WRAP.