Our commitment

Being at the heart of every community is one of the core values we live by. With 427 stores and 388 vet practices serving neighbourhoods the length and breadth of the UK we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute positively towards the wellbeing of our local communities.

2016 Achievements2017 Targets
Leading the way on responsible pet ownership86,602 attendees at pet workshops.More than 100,000 attendees at 'My Pet Pals' pet care workshops.
Provide 1,000 work inspiration days.Ongoing - continue to provide placements.
Rehoming pets in need of new families80,000 pets rehomed.Continue to provide opportunities to rehome pets in 400 stores.
Providing lifelines to local and national charitiesColleagues raised £1.8m with one fewer national fundraising campaign, within which Santa Paws alone raised 770,000. Total raised by Support Adoption For Pets was £3.6m.Stores to raise more than last year through Santa Paws to provide meals for pets in rescue centres.
Donated £1.8m worth of VIP lifelines.Donate over £2m worth of lifelines.
We support the Dogs Trust with food for the dogs they rehome. This year £540,000 worth of food was requested by the Dogs Trust.Continue to support the Dogs Trust with donations of Wainwright's dog food for the dogs they rehome.
Every colleague can take a day's leave for charitable work.Ongoing.