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Diversity – gender pay gap

We want every colleague to see Pets at Home as a place where they can make the most of all of the opportunities we offer and where talent is the only determining factor in their success

So we welcomed the UK Government’s requirement to publish gender pay gap information. In 2018 we had three group entities that fell within the parameters set by the government; our Retail Division, our Vet Group Support Office (CCSL) and one of our specialist referral centres, Dick White Referrals.

Across all three businesses women make up the majority of our colleagues, across all of them in three quartiles the gender pay gap is lower than the UK average and within Retail is less than 1%. In common with most businesses the highest paid quartile is the area where we see the gap increasing as the proportion of men increases in the higher paid roles.

The report also sets out a range of actions we are taking to help close the gap and encourage female talent progression, including overhauling our recruitment website and guidelines to make sure that we are showcasing the diverse and flexible opportunities we offer, making sure we are putting in place clear career pathways and making sure that the benefits we offer support a healthy work-life balance.

Our full gender pay gap report is available at: investors.petsathome.com/media/256676/Gender-Pay-Gap-Report-2018.pdf