We take great care to ensure the pets in our stores receive the best possible diet

A variety of fresh vegetables every day, different types of hay – nothing is too much trouble. So when research was published which highlighted issues with rabbit muesli, we took steps to replace muesli with nuggets. We no longer sell rabbit muesli.

Being a pet specialist, customers turn to us for advice and it’s important we can address their questions specifically in relation to their individual pet and their personal experience. This is what sets us apart from supermarkets, discounters and online retailers, all of which sell pet food. So we have colleagues in every store who are specifically trained in pet nutrition and who undertake a programme of continuous personal development to keep their knowledge up to date.

Our belief is that pets deserve the best possible diet. Our ranges of food for dogs and cats are particularly extensive, providing customers with choice that will suit every pet and budget – from grocery products, to breed specific formulations and Advanced Nutrition ranges.

We have found that, mirroring trends in human nutrition, customers are increasingly interested to understand more about what makes up their pet’s diet so they can make more informed choices. To address this need we undertook extensive research during the year ahead of launching our ‘recipes’ campaign to highlight initially what goes into dry dog food and explain some of the terms used in labelling.

More information about what’s in the recipe for a wide range of dry dog foods can be found on our website www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/recipe