We have implemented a sustainable packaging policy to ensure that any packaging necessary to deliver our products to customers in the perfect condition we intend is created in the most sustainable way we can, throughout the packaging life cycle.

The principles that underpin our policy can be summarised as “use a little; use the old; use it again and use it wisely”. Through these principles we aim to reduce packaging volume, material weight and optimise volume; maximise recycled content and post-use recyclability; and minimise environmental impact throughout our process. We are applying these principles to all packaging materials and plastics used in our stores.

Having retendered our waste contract in 2016 we have continued to achieve our goal of sending zero waste direct to landfill. The housings for all the pets in our stores are cleaned every day of the year. Used bedding, wood shavings and other waste is collected and returned to our distribution centres for recycling.

We continually seek ways to increase the volume of waste that is recycled every year.