Trading from 448 locations around the country we rely on an efficient transport network and a well-invested fleet to keep our stores replenished and to recycle our waste.

Our entire fleet of delivery vehicles is compliant with Euro 6 vehicle emission standards which, with nitrogen oxides (NOX) emissions of 0.4 grams per kilowatt hour of energy, represent a significant advancement over NOX limits of 2.0 grams per kilowatt hour of energy from the Euro 5 standard. For our fleet this delivers a saving of more than 28,000kg NOX compared to equivalent emissions from a Euro 5 fleet, with falls also in emissions of both hydrocarbons and particulates.

In addition, we track the number of km travelled for every 1,000 cases delivered which we believe represents a good indicator of scheduling efficiency. Over the past year we have achieved an improvement of 7% in our scheduling efficiency.