We want to be the best pet shop in the world and aim to deliver this mission to our customers through the pads of our Pawprint. 


The PawPrint strategy is delivered through three levers: growing like-for-like revenues, growing space and optimising our stores and services estate, and focusing on margins. 

Growth LeverExecutionFuture plans
Grow like-for-likeInnovation

Evolve our Food offer to give pets better quality diets. Develop new and exciting Accessories to ensure customers are always seeing something different.

Private brands

Expand and grow our private labels in Food and Accessories, which are only stocked in Pets at Home.


Ensure a tight focus on delivering overall value for customers; through pricing, product features, service and convenience.


Stay relevant to customers’ evolving shopping habits through an improved omnichannel experience and convenient delivery & collection options.


Develop our vet, grooming and advisory services, which creates more reasons for customers to engage with us.


Grow the VIP club and personalise our approach to targeted marketing so we can increase our share of customers’ spend.


Maintain leading levels of customer engagement with our highly trained colleagues, to ensure we are the trusted pet experts.

Grow space & optimise footprint

New stores & services

Open new superstores containing vet practices and grooming salons, in optimal locations, to access unmet market spend.

 Retrofit servicesRetrofit vet practices and grooming salons to improve the customer offer in stores that do not have pet services.

Additional growth

Expand into veterinary market areas that are complementary to our core business and provide additional growth opportunities.

Focus on the growth of our vet and grooming services businesses, which deliver premium operating margins when mature.

Grow MarginsPrivate brands

Grow the participation of private brands to increase the mix of premium margin products within the business.


Simplify processes, product management and behaviours to maintain an optimal cost base.