More than 15,000 colleagues help to deliver our service proposition.

Colleagues are recruited for their passion for pets and people, and their desire to share their love of pets with our customers and clients.

Pets at Home

Because pets are at the heart of everything we do, we believe that everyone who is a part of our group has a special responsibility to help keep pets happy, healthy and safe. Our retail colleagues are trained to standards which are endorsed by many of the leading animal care and charity bodies in the UK and are perfectly placed to advise customers on nutrition, housing and over the counter medications for their pets.


Each one of the first opinion vet practices in our group is owned and operated by a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons supported by a skilled team of veterinary nurses and animal care assistants. Our Joint Venture Partners all operate with complete clinical freedom meaning they treat their patients in the best way they see fit as a veterinary surgeon.

Groom Room

Grooming is much more than a cosmetic exercise, going well beyond simple bathing and brushing to treatments such as clipping and nail trimming. As responsible pet owners are increasingly aware of the benefits of grooming to the health and wellbeing of their pets, this is an expanding area of petcare. Despite the importance of grooming, there is still no industry training standards for those entrusted with the care of animals. Pets at Home believe this should change and train all grooming colleagues to a high standard. We recommend the introduction of industry standards on dog grooming to the equivalent of the City & Guilds dog grooming standards. This will help to raise levels of both skills and care across the industry. We are proposing the development of a national register to be maintained by the Pet Industry Federation; DEFRA to encourage accreditation of a new apprenticeship route linked to the City & Guilds standard.